LetzRoll Offroad Adventure #3 presented by MetalCloak

This adventure took us out to the White Mountains between Show Low and Alpine.  With only scouting trails and roads via computer we immediately hit a closed gate and had to run plan B. Thankfully the winner of our facebook drawing was a local and showed us a better way to get where we were headed.  We hit the less traveled roads and experienced the cool air and pine trees with the windows down.  Here are some of the favorite parts from the people that went.

Andrew's favorite part of the trip was putting it in low range, dropping in to the river section where the east and west fork of the river meets. It was not only beautiful, but very relaxing. Watching Steve and his son Mikey snag their fly fishing poles on the trees in the river. The look on the fishermen's faces as we drove out was so priceless!

Philip's favorite part of the LetzRoll Offroad Adventure#2 presented by MetalCloak, was getting the chance to sit around the fire just off of the Peak after a hard days ride. Sharing wheeling stories and a taco bar! With a new surprise around every corner, the experiences and fellowship that is built on these trips is priceless. You have to get in on these adventures and for sure take your own!

Erika's favorite part of LetzRoll Offroad's Adventure#2 presented by MetalCloak was stopping at the creek just after campsite#1 Saturday morning. We were able to put our feet in the water, fly fish, shoot, and the kids had a blast playing in the water! "Though the entire trip had so many amazing parts to it. Getting to relax, the kids explored, Evan learned how to make a fire, and getting to eat some great pulled pork and tacos was just what we needed!"

Steve said that it's hard to pick his favorite part of the LetzRoll Offroad Adventure#2 weekend presented by MetalCloak! There was so much we were able to do and see in that short 48 hours! "We got to see a part of the state that most people don't even know exists with great people, perfect weather, and no (really) broken rigs!"

Katie's favorite part of LetzRoll Offroad's Adventure#2 Presented by MetalCloak was just being out in the middle of nowhere in the nice cool weather. Seeing all of the wildflowers and green! "It reminded me of Colorado! Also, being able to relax and play with the kids in the river was super fun!!"

Dawna's favorite part of the LetzRoll Offroad Adventure#2 presented by Metalcloak was getting to explore Arizona, which is so much more than the desert most think of! "Around every turn I was left in awe of the tall ponderosa pines, valleys filled with wild flowers and listening to the aspens quaking in the wind." Her biggest surprise of the trip was watching Katie pulling her drive shaft without help! "Guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I might have batted my eyes and tried to get someone else to do it. You go girl!!" Talk around the fire at night is always fun and entertaining. Dawna can’t wait for the next adventure.

Daniel's favorite part of the LROR Adventure#2 presented by MetalCloak, was stumbling upon the old boy scout cabin. "Cruising down 2 tracks in the middle of nowhere and finding stuff like that is the number one reason why I got into Jeeping." Discovering new places with awesome people and getting to imagine and wonder what places used to be like 100 years ago.

Chelcee's favorite part of LetzRoll Offroad Adventure#2 presented by MetalCloak, was getting a chance to spend time in nature and enjoy the company of good friends. "Road trip laughs are my favorite!" 

Tyler's favorite part of LetzRoll Offroad Adventure#2 presented by MetalCloak, was after getting camp setup on day 2, we took one last lap around the dirt roads in the area and came across some elk. We were coming in to the first meadow and spotted a cow elk standing alone on a hillside. After checking her out for a few minutes, we cruised on and found another 20 standing in the open meadow, chewing on the lush green grass. They didn't appreciate the presence of our jeep and scooted off in to the safety of the woods nearby. We stuck around just out of site for a little while to see if they would come back, but no luck. We were losing light fast so we ventured on in to New Mexico and found another herd of 20 elk standing around a water hole. They didn't seem to mind us and stuck around for some blurry dark photos we took. We got back to camp right at dark to share the experience and crack a cold one!

Todd's favorite part of LetzRoll Offroad Adventure#2 presented by MetalCloak was our run up to the top of the Peak! The road to the top was a blast to drive with all of the rolling terrain to navigate which required you to keep your eyes on the road. Once we stopped you were able to fully take in the magnificent views from the 10138 foot elevation! This provided the group the opportunity to have some refreshments and talk about where all we had been, how awesome everything was, and what we might find further down the trail! "Nothing quite like spending time with fellow Jeepers and enjoying the beauty of the country that is around us!"