LetzRoll Offroad Adventure #1 presented by MetalCloak

The LetzRoll crew had an incredible day on Sunday. A taste of whats to come with LetzRoll Adventures.

We went out with about 12 rigs, for a great day of wheeling, exploring and of course lots of laughing. Not only can we help you build your dream rig, we can also take you on some dream trips on the incredible terrain within a day's drive of AZ.

Stay tuned for more info and be sure to check out upcoming adventures!

Sunflower Mine

Recently reopened as a loop, going through the Willow fire burn area in the Mazatal mountains. Starts at 3700' and tops out at a very scenic 5500', twice! If it wasn't for the Manzanita bushes and Juniper, I could have sworn we were in the high Rock Mountains! Flowing creek beds, abandoned mines, and shelf roads with huge exposure! Absolutely incredible trail, and only 45 minutes from Mesa! The whole loop took about 5 hours, at a very leisurely pace. There is a bit of everything, and a great trail for just about any kind of rig. We had a TJ on 33's with open diff's get through with no winch! With our wet winter, expect some serious pinstripping! Start at the top of the hill between Sunflower and Rye. Take a paved road down for about a mile, and then start the trail. Make sure and take the spur off to see the abandoned mine Here is a great write up with GPS! We will release more info about LetzRoll Adventures soon. We are going to be the "Average Joe's" of off-roading. We don't care what you drive, we want you to get out and use your rig, and we're gonna help you do it! Stay Tuned!!!!