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Ultra4 Racing MetalCloak Stampede
LetzRoll Offroad Racing - 11 May 2018

As always this race was fast and fun. Filled with huge jumps and drifting turns that make you feel your in the movies.

Our 4493 was ready and had a bone to pick from last year (blew the driveshaft right through the transmission in 4th place)

Qualifying went better than usual. Being know as a endurable racer the quick 1-2 minute sprints are always tough for me. We put down a respectable 12th which was a good set up for the heats the next day.

Heats started and we had a fast group. Even though I knew we only needed top 7th to advance I really wanted to make a statement yet not take the chances that would ruin the car and our race. We took a very respectable 3rd (fastest 3rd out of all 3 heats)

Next on to the main. This is always completely insane! Huge power and some crazy (yet talented) drivers all around. Looking around everyone was a threat including rows and rows behind me. I just let her rip but was confident our prep was good. We battled and battled but just could not catch the front guys. Our car is about 200+ lbs heavy and a bit down on the hp but we held our own and pulled across with a solid 6th place.

This was our first race with our Maxxis Trepadors and they were amazing! Not a single flat all race! Our ADS Racing Shocks we're also completely on point. We were told our car was one of the best looking out there as far as control. Our axles, lockers and gears never had a pickup.

Thank you to all our partners. We only run with the best! As well as our team, friends and family.

Photo credit Ryan Del Ponte with Redline some of my favorite photos. Man you are talented!

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