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Ultra4 Nationals cap off another successful season for LROR
17 November 2018 - LetzRoll Offroad Racing

LetzRoll Offroad Racing finished in the top 10 at the Ultra4 Racing Nationals after a brutal day of racing. The Nationals race concludes the 2017 racing season as the team now heads to SEMA with the ESAB Rebel Jeep build, then turns its focus to the 2018 King of the Hammers. Continue reading to hear more about the Nationals race from Andrew himself.

"Another one for the record books! I love this track. It’s perfect for our style of racing and especially my driving style.

Qualifying was the typical short course style with the added twist of the downhill rocks and the 50-yard rock garden at the end. We came out a little fast and put it up on 2 wheels in the first turn. Had a fun / nice recovery and then settled down. I missed my line on the downhill rocks and had to make do with what I had. In qualifying you need to keep it as fast as you can, but you CANNOT make a mistake. A OK finish is better than no finish. We came across the rocks strong and earned a OK finish (mid 20's) to place us in Heat 2 for race qualifying.

Race day was exciting, though a bit nerve rattling with how stacked certain heats were (especially ours). It’s nice to race with quality racers, but scary knowing only 7 out of the group will make it into the Main. Oh well. Nothing we could have done, so I just pushed the peddle down and went as fast as I could. We were doing great, making huge moves and moving up spots like crazy. I knew I only had about a lap before we would be on lap traffic. That’s when it happened... Suddenly fuel started coming out of our filler neck. Fearing the worst, I knew I had to pull over before something horrible happened. 114 octane race gas is nothing to mess around with.

I quickly jumped out of the buggy fearing the worst, only to find the neck was just loose. Nice easy fix / bad it takes a long time to get out of the buggy and put on all the safety gear. At this time I went down a lap. Knowing that we were going into the B main race, I just wanted to move up enough to have a OK start for that race being only 5 out of everyone remaining would be left.

Like I thought, we were mid pack (15th or so) for the B main. I knew I had to turn it on. Even more so, I wanted to prove what I knew we were: a hard driving race team who never quits. I drove as hard as I possibly could. Had some amazing passes and really put on a show. Going into the last lap I was battling for first. I knew 2nd was enough to make the Main, so didn’t risk anything at the last rock pile that can quickly ruin your day, and we settled for 2nd in the B Main.

After 21 cars make it from the A main, the rest goes to the B main and LCQ. Since we moved on from the B main, that started us 23rd (out of 27 for the Main). Yep. Rear start. I did what I did in B main and drove as hard as I could. I was passing people so fast I did not know who I was going around at times. I worked up to 6th with 2 laps (out of 12 remaining) and suddenly felt a bad knock in my brakes. This is a course you NEED brakes. So many downhill sections and places you need to get the car shut down into, so I had to back almost completely off to ensure I would not hurt myself. When I mean hurt you, can really really hurt yourself if things go bad. I ended up giving 2 spots back, but pulled across the line in 8th place. I can’t thank the team and our partners enough for the amazing support and fantastic final race of the year.” - Andrew McLaughlin

Special thanks to all of our friends, family and marketing partners who make the wheels go round and round. We are looking forward to another successful year in 2018, but wanted to highlight and reflect on the 2017 campaign with these partners (who are also friends and family at this point). ESAB North America, Yukon Gear & Axle, ADS Racing Shocks, ARTEC Industries, JM Rigging Supply, Certified Inspection Services / Mike Wixom, Goodyear, Raceline Wheels, Rigid Industries - LED Lighting, Industrial Metal Supply Co., Torco Race Fuels, Rugged Radios, The Tire Ball Company (TireBalls), Jimmy's 4x4, and Arizona RV Salvage.