LetzRoll & ESAB welding

LetzRoll OffRoad hosted a Welding and Axle workshop – presented by ESAB North America , Yukon Gear & Axle , Industrial Metal Supply Co. – at our shop in Mesa, AZ. With over 200 people coming by over the course of 4 hours, everyone had a great time. The event features hands on welding, cutting, axle maintenance, repair, and upgrades, as well as a cutting table and do it yourself projects for all levels.

When asked about the event, Andrew McLaughlin said: “The LetzRoll Welding and Axle workshop was absolute humbling for me. The amount of work that goes into a event like this is incredible. We had a amazing turn out (200 people) and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was a joy to watch people who might have been intimated by sparks to be fully hands on the welding and cutting equipment. Not only were they learning to use a piece of equipment that they might never have though about picking up but they were having fun with it. We had 3 different Axle Demos, all of which had peoples attention glued. I, at one point, tried to walk into the shop and could barley make my way around the crowds. What we do and the products we use we are very passionate about. A DIY person never sees lots of what we work on daily. Its nice when people have an opportunity to see into these mysterious places in their jeeps and learn about why and how it all works, why we use certain products, and the amount of care we put into what we are doing.”

Thank you again to everyone who was able to come out and a special thank you to our friends, family, and partners who make this year’s workshop a huge success! ~ LetzRoll Offroad