ADS Off Road Racing Shocks are amazing shocks

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ADS Off Road Racing Shocks are amazing shocks for your race vehicle or your weekend wheeler. Thank you for your support, your outstanding products, and your dedication to the sport. Always on hand to help tune and adjust your shocks, Brian Turner and the team at ADS are simply amazing. All three of the US LetzRoll Offroad Racing vehicles run ADS shocks with notable performance increase when the team fully switched over. The new 4493 floats through the desert on a combination of coil overs and massive bypass shocks, allowing the IFS to do its job. Fast, strong, and made right here in Arizona, ADS Off Road Racing Shocks are top quality. Thank you for your support and friendship. We look forward to a very success year!

LetzRoll Offroad is also a dealer for ADS Racing Shocks and have put many a pair on trail rigs as well as race vehicles. Contact Andrew McLaughlin to learn more and see what ADS can do for your ride.

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